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The North Carolina Peace Corps Association (NCPCA) is dedicated to promoting the Third Goal of the Peace Corps, building group spirit and cooperation, promoting service, and serving as an example to others. The group of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and friends aspires to these goals by: promoting public awareness, education, and support for the Peace Corps; supporting specific grassroots projects in developing countries; performing and supporting community service activities in North Carolina; and providing social opportunities for the Peace Corps family.

The NCPCA organizes many activities throughout the year where RPCVs can stay connected, socialize, and continue to support the Peace Corps values. Some of the main events are awarding the Peace Prize to a local non-profit that embodies the values of the Peace Corps, hosting an Africa Night fundraiser to support a Peace Corps Partnership Project, organizing Fall Family and Friends Picnic, celebrating the year at the Annual Dinner potluck, and meeting up at monthly happy-hours.

North Carolina Peace Corps Association

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