Navoi Region Camp Future Leaders of Our World (FLOW)

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Navoi Region Camp Future Leaders of Our World (FLOW)
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Navoi Region
Region: Navoiy
Country: Uzbekistan
Volunteer(s) Name: F. Swoboda
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Iowa
Affiliate organization: Navoi Women's Center for Social Partnership
Funds community contributed: $3547.00
Percentage community contributed: 44%
Funds needed were: $4598.00
Funds requested were: $4598.00
PPCP #: 316-043
Year of project approval: 2004
Projects started in Uzbekistan 2004 (1).
Navoi Region Camp Future Leaders of Our World (FLOW)
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Info about the Navoi Region Camp Future Leaders of Our World (FLOW)

The youth of the Navoi region in Uzbekistan have few opportunties for personal growth, leadership, and community development. The distance and poor communication among the region's towns and cities contributes to this, resulting in a very low number of youth-initiated leadership projects in the communities and in Navoi region as a whole. The proposed leadership camp would provide students an opportunity to participate in challenging, relevant, and fun activities that will overcome great distances between towns and people. At Camp FLOW young people will meet, collaborate, and gain fundamental teambuilding, leadership and personal-development skills with students like themselves from across the region. The week-long camp will be a collaborative effort between the Navoi Women's Center for Social Partnership, Navoi FLEX alumni, community leaders and local teachers, motivated college-aged students and Peace Corps Volunteers, and will host from 50-60 Navoi region students ages 14-17. Partnership funds are needed to pay for administrative costs, materials, transportation, food and lodging for camp participants. The local community is contributing technical equipment, staff time and t-shirts.

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