Multi-Sport Area

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Multi-Sport Area
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Community Name: Altiplano
Country: Bolivia
Volunteer(s) Name: m stephenson
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Colorado
Funds community contributed: 1537
PPCP #: 511-042
Year of project approval: 2004
Projects started in Bolivia 2004 (2).
Multi-Sport Area, School Library
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Info about the Multi-Sport Area

The Papujio Grade School in Altiplano, Bolivia consists of one room, two solar panels, and active greenhouse, one dedicated teacher and 18 dedicated students. The teacher, students, and parents have all agreed that a multi-sport area would benefit the community. The school currently doesn't have a suitable facility for students to meet for physical education class or to practice sports. This area would also serve as a community recreation area. The area will have a green space around the court, which will enhance the environment and provide a space to teach environmental education. It will also have an Andean cultural theme to increase cultural preservation. This project has considerable community support. The Municipal Government as agreed to pay a majority of the costs. Parents and community member will provide manual labor. Papujio Grade School is asking Partnership to help purchase building supplies. Project Number: 511-042

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