Moukoulou Village Library

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Moukoulou Village Library
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Djonkor Guera
Country: Chad
Volunteer(s) Name: C Guedenet
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Maryland
Funds community contributed: $3, 115.00
Percentage community contributed: 49%
Funds needed were: $2, 941.00
Funds requested were: $3, 216.00
PPCP #: 677-021
Year of project approval: 2005
Projects started in Chad 2005 (2).
Karal Women's Association Development, Moukoulou Village Library
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Karal Women's Association Development, Moukoulou Village Library
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Info about the Moukoulou Village Library

Teachers in the Chadian village of Djonkor Guera canton of Chad are starved for resource materials and students lack book to read and with which to study. Middle and high school teachers must work with one, or at most, two, books and they are often outdated or in bad condition. Students, meanwhile, do not have any access to reading material within the village and the nearest libary is 15 km away and charges a subscription fee. To address this need, the Association for the Development and Promotion of the Guirguiko language is seeking funding to build a library.

For this project, the community has contributed towards the project both in labor and in materials by building a lecture hall and necessary pieces of furniture, including shelves, tables, and chairs. Partnership funds will be used to purchase books and to train one new libarian and one accountant.

This library will allow community members and students in particular to maintain and improve their literacy skills as well as pursue their academic interestes. Over 1860 in the district of Djonkor Guere have benefited from literacy calsses and at least that many will benefit from the creation of a new library.

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