Mohlaletse Classroom Construction

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Mohlaletse Classroom Construction
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Mohlaletse
Region: Limpopo
Country: South_Africa
Volunteer(s) Name: H. Hampton
Volunteer(s) Homestate: North_Carolina
Funds requested were: $2438.00
PPCP #: 674-008
Year of project approval: 2004
Projects started in South_Africa 2004 (1).
Mohlaletse Classroom Construction
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Info about the Mohlaletse Classroom Construction

The town of Mohlaletse in South Africa began to reevaluate its schooling situation when the number of students in a classroom reached 100. Macbe Primary School was established in 1981, and has grown significantly in the last 22 years. The community began raising money for the construction three new classrooms to alleviate the overcrowding. Earlier this year, a foundation for the classrooms was laid, and the walls were constructed. This was done by asking every family to contribute a sum of money, one bag of cement, water and transportation of the materials to the construction site. There came a point, however, when they realized that outside help would be needed to fund the waterproofing of the classrooms, the roof and electricity. Once these aspects are funded, the community will be able to provide smaller class sizes and a better education for its students.

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