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Model Eco-Campus
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Project Type(s):

Country: Cambodia
Volunteer(s) Name: N Galiotto
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Pennsylvania
Funds community contributed: $2420
Percentage community contributed: 29%
Funds needed were: $3148.04
Funds requested were: $5750.72
PPCP #: 303-006
Year of project approval: 2008
Projects started in Cambodia 2008 (1).
Model Eco-Campus
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Info about the Model Eco-Campus

Initiated by trainers and trainees from the Regional Teacher Training Center (RTTC), this project aims to improve the quality of life for RTTC residents by re-constructing the toilets and bathing area, constructing a communal cooking area and cultivating the wet lands area for waste water filtration.

There are 300 trainees who live on campus during their two year study to become high school teachers in Cambodia that would greatly benefit from these facilities. Currently, the residents do not have functioning toilets or proper facilities for cooking or bathing. We plan to construct these facilities using appropriate technology and environmentally sound construction practices. The ground water pollution from waste water and sewage will be reclaimed through wet land filtration. Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP) funds will be appropriated for construction materials and a portion of the labor and materials transport.

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