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Mickey Feltus
Flag of Ethiopia.svg
Country Ethiopia
Years: 1962
Mickey Feltus started in Ethiopia 1962
John Coyne, Mickey Feltus, Paul Tsongas
Other Volunteers who served in Ethiopia
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Michael Banister, Bernard Coughlin, John Coyne, Mickey Feltus, John Garamendi, Dusty Golobitsh, Robert (Bob) Hill, Fred Hoebel, Charles Wood Jewett Jr., Sue Kerver, Bryan McClure, Don McGaughey, Lew Mermelstein, Karl Moseley, Michael O'Brien … further results
Projects in Ethiopia
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Family Training Center, Walls for Orphans and Vulnerable Children's Center
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I retired two years ago and moved back to the Mobile Bay area where I grew up. Retirement was great and the paddling of my kayaks, my passion, was fantastic. Neither my wife, Christine, or I have been happier. We are with family and old friends and that is something to hang your hat on. I still miss my old Peace Corps colleagues. If you are ever in the Mobile, AL area, or just want to come, let me know and there will be a light on the door for you.

I was diagnosed with a lung cancer in January 07. Did the surgery and chemo bit and now things are as back to normal as they can get. Am on oxygen 24-7 but that is just a barrier I must jump all day and night. The docs have not found any evidence of the cancer so I may indeed be one of the lucky ones.

Used my recovery time to write a book about my dad, who was on the first ship sank by the u-boats in the Gulf of Mexico, my experiences as a child until I went into the Army and the value system I developed from somewhere. It was done primarily for my kids and grendchildren but I am trying to improve it and see if there is a market.

One of the things I miss from Atlanta is large number in the Ethiopian community. In many respects I learned more Amharic there than I did in country.

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