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Michael Thomas Geyer-Jones
Flag of Fiji.svg
Country Fiji
Years: 1995-1997
Group Code 79
Region(s) Nadroga / Rewa
Program(s) Education,Other
,English Teacher/Training (TEFL),Secondary Teacher/Training
From US state Massachusetts
From US town/city Lynn
Michael Geyer-Jones started in Fiji 1995
Michael T. Jones
Region: Nadroga / Rewa
Michael T. Jones
Education in Fiji:Education.gif
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Other in Fiji:25px
Michael T. Jones
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Projects in Fiji
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Compost Toilets for Primary School, Kindergarten Building
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Taught 1 year at Cuvu College. Served as a Teacher Trainer the second year through the Ministry of Education's Curriculum Development Unit. Worked to standardize and modernize English curricula across the secondary school spectrum, and also to develop EFL methods and approaches to teaching students in Fiji. Learned patience. Learned to work for progress in small ways. Learned to help on an individual basis. Learned how to drink Yaqona. :-D Learned the value of Sega na leqa! (No worries)

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