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Michael Ross Gannett
Flag of India.svg
Country India
Years: 1965-1967
Group Code India 16
Site(s) Jaipur
Region(s) Rajasthan
Assignment(s) Poultry extensionwarning.png"Poultry extension" is not in the list of possible values (Agroforestry, Sustainable Agricultural Science, Farm Management and Agribusiness, Animal Husbandry, Municipal Development, Small Business Development, NGO Development, Urban and Regional Planning, Primary Teacher/Training, Secondary Teacher/Training, Math/Science Teacher/Training, Special Education/Training, Deaf/Education, Vocational Teacher/Training, University Teacher/Training, English Teacher/Training (TEFL), Environmental Education, National Park Management, Dry Land Natural Resource Conservation, Fisheries Fresh, Ecotourism Development, Coastal /Fisheries Resource Management, Public Health Education, AIDS Awareness, Information Technology, Skilled Trades, Water and Sanitation Resources Engineering, Housing Construction Development, Youth, Other) for this property.
Michael Gannett started in India 1965
Edward W. Carlson, Michael Gannett, Jim Mueller, Lex Rieffel, Joel Shapiro, Rasmith 10
Region: Rajasthan
Michael Gannett, Donald Nordin
Other Volunteers who served in India
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Projects in India
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India XVI trained at Annapolis MD (June-Sept 1965). Service in India was delayed by curtailment of US aid to India on account of an Indo-Pak conflagration. The group lived approx 40 days-40 nights on Israeli kibbutzim. Entry into India 11/02/65. 90 PCVs served in Rajasthan, M.P., U.P. and Maharashtra in pountry extension (feed formulation, disease detection/preventionand with coops). Termination was May 15, 1967. Group has had since 2008 a myfamily.com password protected website for photos (over 1000) and discussions. Major reunion staged by 15 members in Agra 11/2009. Periodic mini-reunions staged on east coast, including one with Harris Wofford, a PC founder, on 05/07/2010, of which a DVD was produced for members. We currently (08/22/2010). I seek training manuals for all PC India 1963-76 groups. Purpose: a sortable database of all PCVs with opt-in feature current contact info RPCVs..intended to complement FOI. Correspond with Mike Gannett at mgannett@aol.com if you wish to assist.

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