Maya Mountain View Playground

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Maya Mountain View Playground
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Community Name: Silk Grass Village
Country: Belize
Volunteer(s) Name: A Sypek
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Maine
Funds community contributed: 5, 596
PPCP #: 535-134
Year of project approval: 2003
Projects started in Belize 2003 (1).
Maya Mountain View Playground
Flag of Belize.svg
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Info about the Maya Mountain View Playground

The community of Silk Grass Village (SGV) wants to build a playground for their primary school aged students. The village has several facilities, basketball court, soccer field, and softball field, for older students and adults but has nothing available for the younger students. A playground in the village will be helpful in the student's social and physical development as well as, preparing them to interact with students and teachers at school. The playground will be used in conjunction with school break periods in order help students learn: cooperation, sportsmanship, organized play, physical coordination and following rules. The Silk Grass Village Council will manage this project and coordinate the other groups who have volunteered to help build the playground. The community will provide the labor and administration of the playground. Silk Grass Village is asking Peace Corps Partnership to assist them in purchasing the material they need to build the playground. Partnership Project # 535-134

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