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Marquis Walsh
Flag of Belize.svg
Country Belize
Years: 1985
Marquis Walsh started in Belize 1985
Marquis Walsh, David Trevor Wright
Other Volunteers who served in Belize
Flag of Belize.svg
Frank Almaguer, Jill Bond, Zoe L. Cummings, Sheila Grudem, Ken Kapinski, Richard Kelly, Kristina N. Klein, Hal B. Lovett, Robin Mardeusz, Tom McDowell, Joseph Michael mendoza, Randy Morgan, Catherine Mulligan Young, Bertie Lee Murphy, Alanna Randall … further results
Projects in Belize
Flag of Belize.svg
Crique Sarco Primary School Computer Lab, Crooked Tree Pasture Clearing, Independence Village Housing Reconstruction, Indian Church Farming Cooperative, Maya Mountain View Playground, Solar Powered Community Phones (Belize), Summer Environmental Workshop, Village Market, Water Pump Replacement Belize
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Television productions specialist. Great Belize Productions. After my Peace Corps service I stayed in Belize working with Great Belize Productions, and ended up being one of the founders o f Channel 5 Belize. I left Belize in 1996 and I presently work at the University of New Hampshire.

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