Lugansk Oblast Water Watchers

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Lugansk Oblast Water Watchers
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Project Type(s):

Region: Lugansk
Country: Ukraine
Volunteer(s) Name: A. Colvin
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Alabama
Affiliate organization: Lugansk Oblast Ecological Youth Nature Center
Funds requested were: $5145.00
PPCP #: 343-040
Year of project approval: 2003
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Info about the Lugansk Oblast Water Watchers

The Lugansk Oblast Ecological Youth Nature Center was established in 1927. Since its inception the center has played a vital role in ecological education and dissemination of environmental information and policies throughout the oblast. The center is committed to being at the forefront of ecology and environmental education in Lugansk Oblast. There are over 120 rivers and bodies of water within Lugansk Oblast. Due to the industrialization of Eastern Ukraine, many of these bodies of water are heavily polluted. Members of the Lugansk Oblast Ecological Youth Nature Center propose involving local ecology clubs in conducting research to accurately determine the level of water pollution and contamination within the oblast. Research will be conducted by the local clubs using water monitoring kits to analyse water samples for pollution levels of local bodies of water. These results will then be compiled to create a report on the state of water pollution within the Lugansk Oblast, which will then be forwarded to the President of Ukraine, the Minister of Ecology , other state and local officials, as well as various environmental groups. During the research process, ecology students will learn about water pollution, contamination, the importance of sound scientific research, and how to take effective steps in making the government and public aware of environmental problems. Partnership funds are needed to purchase ten water kits, a computer to serve as the central water pollution database, and a fax machine to receive results from around the oblast. In addition, assistance is needed to fund an instructional seminar, a coordinator's seminar, and a closing conference once research is completed.

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