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Kristin Jean O'Planick
Flag of Guinea.svg
Country Guinea
Years: 2000-2002
Site(s) Siguiri
Program(s) Education
Kristin Jean O'Planick started in Guinea 2000
Kristin O'Planick
Education in Guinea:Education.gif
Cristi Carlstead, Paul St. John Frisoli, Kerry Johnson, Cal Jones, Eric Lenaeus, Nick Loewen, Susan Martonosi, Kristin O'Planick, Adam Trotta
Other Volunteers who served in Guinea
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Projects in Guinea
Flag of Guinea.svg
2009 Girls' Conference, Girls' Conference 2009, Primary School Renovation
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[edit] Description of Service

In addition to teaching English, Kristin O'Planick assisted with planning for the Regional Girls' Conference in Kankan in her second year. She did additional after-school tutoring for girls with APROFIS. She also served as the regional representative on the national Gender, AIDS, and Development Committee.

Her site mate was Ursula (Urska) Manners. They were the first female volunteers to serve in Siguiri.

[edit] Lessons Learned

[edit] About Kristin O'Planick Today

After service, she worked with Chemonics International and managed a USAID-funded agribusiness development project in Guinea during 2005-2006. The project had two Peace Corps Volunteers assisting with their shea butter development.

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