Kirovograd Oblast Resource Center

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Kirovograd Oblast Resource Center
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Kirovograd Oblast
Region: Kirovohrad
Country: Ukraine
Volunteer(s) Name: S. Schlieper
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Washington
Funds community contributed: $1200.00
Percentage community contributed: 38%
Funds needed were: $793.00
Funds requested were: $1960.00
PPCP #: 343-054
Year of project approval: 2004
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Info about the Kirovograd Oblast Resource Center

The only English texts currently available to Ukrainian students and teachers, especially those in schools outside large cities, focus on the grammar/translation method of learning English. Material is presented in Ukrainian and the students are instructed to translate the materials into English. The texts are antiquated, often inaccurate, and focus on memorization and correctness. A student who varies from the text is given a poor mark. Ukrainian teachers want to do a good job of teaching English to their students. They are handicapped by lack of money, isolation from other English teachers, and materials that are difficult to adapt. The Peace Corps Volunteers serving in Kirovograd oblast are conducting seminars and classes to teach new methods to many teachers. One of the major challenges identified by Volunteers is that the communicative method of teaching foreign languages focuses on students and teachers using real life materials in real life situations with more emphasis on communicative competence than correctness. Students and teachers must create their own sentences, find the words they need and generate conversations rather than memorizing set dialogues from the text. Teachers are learning the techniques associated with effective use of the communicative method but have no access to materials - texts, cassettes, pictures, etc. - that facilitate effective use of the new techniques. The proposed resource center would make such materials available to students and educators. Partnership funds are needed to purchase equipment, texts and other materials for the center.

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