Kindergarten Building

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Kindergarten Building
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Country: Fiji
Volunteer(s) Name: G Staines
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Georgia
Funds community contributed: $3577.78
Percentage community contributed: 34%
Funds needed were: $6118.10
Funds requested were: $6743.10
PPCP #: 411-138
Year of project approval: 2009
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Compost Toilets for Primary School, Kindergarten Building
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Compost Toilets for Primary School, Kindergarten Building
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Info about the Kindergarten Building

Education is an important part of having a productive community with an acceptable standard of living. Beginning at an early age and extending into adulthood, formal education teaches basic life skills such as, reading, writing, and counting. In basic life skills continuation, it teaches advanced skills such as the scientific method and formal debate. It is learning at an early-age that a community in Fiji has realized needs more focus and attention. The community has implemented preliminary education in the form of a kindergarten for the past seven years. However, they lack a proper structure to allow consistent education. The construction of this building was set forth as a major goal at the end of 2008. Presently, the kindergarten meets in the school hall where it is often prevented from gathering due to primary school precedence, group meetings, and school functions that have precedent.

The first objective of this project is to construct a building for the kindergarten, providing a consistent daily meeting place for class. The second objective is to teach unemployed village youth basic carpentry skills and teach those with basic skills more advanced techniques. The third objective is to increase community participation in education goals and planning. The community contribution to this project includes the initiation and planning of the school. Material contribution will be sand and gravel for the concrete production and food for daily lunch. All labor will be supplied by villagers of the community, including carpenters, plumbers, and laborers.

Note: This summary was provided by a Peace Corps Volunteer and the community administering this project.

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