Karal Women's Association Development

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Karal Women's Association Development
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Community Name: Karal
Country: Chad
Volunteer(s) Name: L Anderson
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Alabama
Funds community contributed: $1, 911.00
Percentage community contributed: 40%
Funds needed were: $688.00
Funds requested were: $2, 886.00
PPCP #: 677-020
Year of project approval: 2005
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Karal Women's Association Development, Moukoulou Village Library
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Karal Women's Association Development, Moukoulou Village Library
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Info about the Karal Women's Association Development

The women's association of Karal is aiming to create a lending bank supported by a communal farm. The women's group was created this past year, yet has a history of meeting to share in commercial labor, such as selling bread, fried fish, or boiled potatoes in the market.

The creation of the bank, will provide funding for members who are in need of a commerical start-up, medicines, or other unforeseen costs. The bank will be supported by a communal farm, whose proceeds will go into the bank account. The money will also be used to support literacy classes.

Partnership funds will be used to purchase items related to the design of the garden and for initial literacy classes. The community will be contributing the land for the garden and labor.

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