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John Paul James
Flag of Peru.svg
Country Peru
Years: 1962-1964
Group Code Peru II - Nutrition
Site(s) Camana
Region(s) Arequipa Province
Program(s) Youth,Other
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John James started in Peru 1962
Walter Jackson III, John Paul James
Region: Arequipa Province
Walter Jackson III, John Paul James, Marcia Mazria
Youth in Peru:
Walter Jackson III, John Paul James
Other in Peru:25px
Edward Glab, Walter Jackson III, John Paul James, Marcia Mazria
Other Volunteers who served in Peru
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Ralph Appelbaum, Paul Bellerjeau, Marie Clutterbuck, Steve Elliot, Edward Glab, Gail Gross, James Hoffman, Nancy Holt, Walter Jackson III, John Paul James, Monica Lyons Torres, Marcia Mazria, Dale Miller, Dennis Pfost, Hugh Pickens … further results
Projects in Peru
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Our primary assignment involved creating breakfast programs within specific schools under the supervision of Carlos Sousa, Inspector of Education, Camana. Secondarily, we became life guards and rescuerers at La Punta, Camana.

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