Jizzak English Summer Camp

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Jizzak English Summer Camp
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Jizzakh
Region: Jizzakh
Country: Uzbekistan
Volunteer(s) Name: B. McGurk
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Connecticut
Funds community contributed: $815.30
Percentage community contributed: 26%
Funds needed were: $2305.00
Funds requested were: $2331.00
PPCP #: 316-037
Year of project approval: 2003
Project located: yes
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Info about the Jizzak English Summer Camp

The Jizzak English Camp is designed to give students from the regions of Jizzak and Syr-Daryo the opportunity to practice their English in an immersive environment. They will also participate in a variety of sessions on topics ranging from public speaking to gender issues. The camp will consist of 96 students from the eighth, ninth and tenth grades. Local English teachers will serve as directors of the camp, facilitating greater community involvement in this and future summer camp projects. A mixture of Uzbek teachers and Peace Corps Volunteers will make up the rest of the staff for the site. Partnership funds are needed to pay for camp supplies, transportation, sports equipment, food and lodging.

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