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Jill Boberg
Flag of Cameroon.svg
Country Cameroon
Years: 1983-1985
Site(s) Eyumojock
Program(s) Education
Jill Boberg started in Cameroon 1983
Jill Boberg, Herb Whinna
Education in Cameroon:Education.gif
Jill Boberg, Gregory Paul Clements, Michael Downey, Susana Herrera, Robert Joel Lewis, Bradford Melius, Herb Whinna
Other Volunteers who served in Cameroon
Flag of Cameroon.svg
Steven Barbeaux, Jill Boberg, Stacy Charles, Gregory Paul Clements, Judith Corley, Jolie Dennis, Michael Downey, John Granville, Susana Herrera, Christopher R. Hill, Nicholas A. Lauen, Cameroon volunteers, Volunteers who served in Cameroon, Robert Joel Lewis, Bradford Melius … further results
Projects in Cameroon
Flag of Cameroon.svg
Agroforestry Site for Nursery and Demonstration, Books For Cameroon, Camp MDARLE 2009, Chicken Farming, Community Beekeeping and Business Training, Community Granary, East Province Water Pump, Health Seminars for Youth and Women, Mbandjock Palm Oil Tree Nursery and Plantation, Potable Water, Reading Rainforest, School Construction (Cameroon), Soy Conference, Wum High School Science Laboratory
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[edit] Description of Service

Jill Boberg served in Cameroon as a Mathematicas/Physics teacher.

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