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Jermuk, Armenia
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Zachariah M. Brevis, Will Dickinson, Scott Guenthner, Emily Haas, Nancy Reinhart, Jeremy Richart
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Jermuk, Vayk
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Will Dickinson, Scott Guenthner, Nancy Reinhart
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Jermuk, Armenia
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Jermuk Ջերմուկ is an in one of the most beautiful places in Armenia. Volcanic ridges rise from the desert into rolling high plateaus and meadow lands punctuated by deep canyons and gullies.

The following is an enthusiast tour of my new hometown Jermuk. Things are going to change dramatically for the town and it’s people in the next few years due to economic prosperity and new wealth. Included are my sincere remarks about my opinions on Armenian development and where I think the town is going.

It’s hard to say where in the US or world it compares too, maybe Taos in New Mexico. If its redevelopment is successful it should become world-class resort it was planned to be by Soviet designers.


[edit] Highlights

[edit] Jermuk Potential and Current Projects and Community Analysis

Primary Projects to meet the Goals of Peace Corps Secondary Projects that also meet Goals of Peace Corps Personal Projects: I am interested is this project and believe there is Potential Peace Corps Support

[edit] I. Environmental Landscape

Right Bank City Park Project:

Road and Bridge Reconstruction (now, not actively involved)

Hotel Restoration Development and Water Gallery Restoration (now, not actively involved)

[edit] II. Health and Environmental Education and Improvement


GIS and Park/Natural Reserve Establishment

Trash Collection and Containers

Trash Management and Landfills

Water Management

Jermuk Branch of the Armenian Red Cross: (open since 2000)

[edit] III. Tourism and Business Development

Simple Paper map of Downtown Jermuk: (in progress)

Informational Pamphlet (s):(next year)

Tourist/Business Center: (now open) This is an important part of the Urban Institute’s plans to develop the city into a modern tourist destination.

“Public” Forum and Business Interest Meetings (on going?)

Souvenir Development: idea for profit generating activity for Jermuk Branch of the Armenian Red Cross


Water bottling Factories

Carpet Factory in Left Bank


Movie Theaters and Auditoriums

Airport and Runway

Fish Farm

Art Galleries

Proposed Armenian Folk Life Center

Agricultural Technologies

[edit] IV. Recreational Development

I have grouped different types of recreation into three groups based on environmental and economic impact.

Locations: Hills to the northwest of Jermuk offer great opportunities with their gentle yet undulating terrain.

Moderate impact: require a more development and would probably have to be run by businesses, if individuals didn’t have gear. May need to be regulated.

High Impact: Heavy infrastructure development and investment, expensive equipment

Sport and Recreation Stores Necessary?

[edit] V. Innovative Alternative Energy Technologies

Gas Pipes,

Micro Hydropower Option

Hydrothermal Option

Solar power

Energy Management Practices

[edit] VI. Funding Sourcing

As you know there is a huge Armenian population in Glendale, LA, over a million, many first generation. I was thinking about sending several flyers out to my uncle to put up in various health spas, gyms, and sports equipment shops. Armenian Americans could donate their old equipment to the Peace Corps to help Jermuk, the primer outdoor destination in Armenia.

Jeffery, Armenian Forests, gets a lot of donations shipped over through a Diaspora organization in Yerevan that specializes in shipping donated items. I will learn more about it. I will come up with a draft of a flyer and maybe a PowerPoint explaining what Jermuk is.

[edit] Etymology

“Jer” in Armenian means a spring

[edit] Presence of NGOs

[edit] Jermuk Branch of the Armenian Red Cross:

1. Extracurricular activities for children and adults, First Aid education, outdoor recreation and environmental education. Examples: helping plant trees with the Armenian Forests, and getting cloth bags as an option in stores around Jermuk.

2. Write several grants, example: Eurasia Foundation, to update the offices and pay the rent.

3. Meet with Yerevan office to see what types of profit generation activities are expectable, to support the office

4. Get a calendar of activities planned throughout the year.

[edit] Education

[edit] Schools

[edit] Project Harmony

[edit] Sports School

Sports Fields

Playground and Proposed Sports Center

Yoga Classes

[edit] Ecocamps

[edit] Transportation

Thank god there is a new bus!!!!

[edit] From Yerevan to Jermuk

The nonstop marshooti service runs daily at 3pm, from the Kilka bus station, accessible by 77 and 68 and 101 Yerevan town marshooti. Be early as space is often hard to find.

[edit] From Sevan, Martuni, and Lake Region to Jermuk

It maybe more cost effective to take a cab from the lake region down the Selim pass road from Martuni to Yeghegnadzor.

[edit] From Yeghegnadzor/Vike to Jermuk

The bus to Jermuk runs daily from Yeghegnadzor 2pm Mon thru Sat and 4pm on Sunday. The bus trip takes approximately two hours in good conditions. Yeghegnadzor is about twenty minutes from Vike via Malishka

[edit] Accommodations

[edit] Prices for rented apartments in Jermuk

[edit] Weather

[edit] Past volunteers

Elizabeth Vega
Patrick O'Neill
Nancy Reinhart
Scott Guenthner
Will Dickinson
no volunteers
no volunteers
Ben Callaway

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