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Jenny Lowe
Flag of Nicaragua.svg
Country Nicaragua
Years: 2000-2002
Site(s) San Juan de Limay, Esteli'
Program(s) Environment
Jenny Lowe started in Nicaragua 2000
Jenny Lowe
Environment in Nicaragua:Environment.gif
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Projects in Nicaragua
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Construction of a Community Library for Elementary School Teachers and Students, Improvements to the Infrastructure of Youth Group House and Clinic, Plan Today, Live Tomorrow: Teaching Sexual and Reproductive Responsibility in Secondary Schools, Trash Treatment Facility
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I was the first volunteer to work in my site, though Peace Corps has been in and out of Nicaragua since almost the beginning of Peace Corps. I taught at 7 schools making viveros (tree nurseries) and composting and helping the teachers teach more actively. We played games, sang songs, did art and went out and observed our environment. Halfway through my service, my father remarried and I was the first person they told so I could go home for the wedding. When I got back to site a new dance band was starting up: Las Piedras Brillantes (the Shining Stones). It was named after the work of about 60 stone sculptors who live in Limay. I sang with them throughout my service and they continue to play at festivals. The school I worked with most regularly planted a large garden and the trees were taller than me before I left. The teacher I helped, Candelaria, is now director of the largest school in the district, so I like to think she's still passing on my ideas. I now teach music at a magnet school in Chattanooga, TN.

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