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Jeffrey Orton

Passed away: 1995

Country Niger
Passed away while serving in: Niger
Stephanie Michelle Chance, Mark Edstrand, Jeremiah Mack, Jeffrey Orton, Linda Robinson, Mark Streb
Passed away in: 1995
Jeffrey Orton, Lucille Raimondo, Andrew Shippee, Donald Weber
Other Volunteers who passed away while serving in Peace Corps.
William Ackerman, Darryl Adkins, Elizabeth Aldrich, Carlos Amador, Wyatt Ammon, Thomas Ashton, Marian Baciewicz, Bethanne Bahler, Gregor V. Baker, Gregory Baker, Alan C. Banner, Thomas Barakatt, Florice Barnum, John Beckner, Robert Benson … further results
Source: FOIA request #10076 (June 2010)

++Family++ Jeffrey Orton has one brother Timothy Orton. His mother still lives in Salt Lake City Utah although his Father Jerry Orton has recently passed away. His brother Tim has a daughter named Emily who is his biggest fan. According to her family "thats where she got her creative." Before his life in the Peace Corp Jeff was an aspiring playwrite, and stage crew professional, he was also working with his band Moder Prometheus who have released one not quite studio cassette featuring Mikey mouses Mohawk a song about the infamous disney land and how it judges people, and I Will Not Fight, a political satyre about Rohland Ragan. Jeffrey also has the high score on a local Taylorsville pinball machine under MHK. He will always be rembered by his family as the creative happy one, the one who always had a cause to fight for and a crowd to stand on.

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