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Jeanne Stritch
Flag of Kenya.svg
Country Kenya
Years: 1992-1993
Site(s) Chamasiri Secondary School
Program(s) Education
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Jeanne Stritch started in Kenya 1992
Jeanne Stritch
Education in Kenya:Education.gif
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Projects in Kenya
Flag of Kenya.svg
Girls Seconday School Classroom, Solar Powered Computer Lab
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Jeanne's Kenyan experience made a lasting change on her life in the way she views the world. In 1992, she joined the U.S. Peace Corps as a math teacher and was whisked to Kenya after three days of briefing in Chicago, Illinois. From the first day and for the next ten weeks she was immersed in Swahili, math, health, and Kenyan culture classes. During those ten weeks of training she stayed with a Kenyan family. Since the family didn't have any running water or electricity, she had to relearn how to do every day things like bathing, cooking, and laundry. After training, Jeanne was sent to Chamasiri Secondary School in Chamasiri village. Chamasiri is roughly 7 km from the Ugandan border and 30 km outside of Bungoma in Western Kenya. Jeanne taught math, physics, and English to secondary (high school) students at Chamasiri Secondary School. She has a website about her Peace Corps service called All Things Kenyan.

Jeanne is currently the AfricanCulture at and also owns She lives im Miami with her husband and two daughters.

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