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[edit] Kingston

Lauren Schmied, Jon Camfield, Kris Sellman-Johnson, 2002-2004, Kingston.

Schmied Jamaica.JPG

"Put together for the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (2002 - 2004) using ArcGIS ( 3.2 at the time). We are currently considering updates to include Google Maps/Earth."

[edit] Montego Bay

Carrie Brewer, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Brewer Jamaica.JPG

"This maps shows condom availability at sites where people meet new sexual partners in St.James, Jamaica. Sites were identified utilizing the priorities for Local AIDS Control (PLACE) method and varied widely from bars and nightclubs to churches and youth clubs."

[edit] St. Catherine

Jeff Mattison, 1999-2001, St. Catherine.

Mattison Jamaica.JPG

"I got a band of motivated and miscreant students together at Point Hill Leased Primary and Junior High School in St. Catherine to draw a map of the world. The project took about 6 months of casual painting and design. I certainly learned a lot of patience during the whole experience! I revisited in 04 and gave it a new coat of paint. I still get the newsletter from the school. They take all of their group/class photos in front of the map. It's really the only physical evidence of my PC service."

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