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Isabella (Belle) Mary Molloy Polillo
Flag of Ecuador.svg
Country Ecuador
Years: 1981-1983
Group Code Omnibus 37
Site(s) San Luis De Pambil
Region(s) La Provincia De Las Ventanas
Program(s) Health,Other
Assignment(s) Public Health Education,Special Education/Training
From US state New_Jersey
From US town/city Atco
Isabella (Belle) Molloy Polillo started in Ecuador 1981
Brian Bennett, Richard Boren, Peter R. Brunette, Jeffrey D. Dunlap, Deborah Wilson Hopkins, Brian T. Micke, Isabella Molloy Polillo, John Preissing, Jimmy A. Rankin, Dorothy Treisner
Region: La Provincia De Las Ventanas
Isabella Molloy Polillo
Health in Ecuador:Health.gif
Victor L Berthelsdorf, Ralph Blessing, Wendell Blubaum, Kathleen Busken Gorman, Diane Claerbout, Lisa Dembouski, Karen Ekelman, Sharon Elliott, Lee Marshall Fagen, Kenneth W. Gonzales … further results
Other in Ecuador:25px
Karin Chamberlain, Bruce Horowitz, Isabella Molloy Polillo, John Schwager, Volunteers, Al Stevenson, Robert Torske
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Flag of Ecuador.svg
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Projects in Ecuador
Flag of Ecuador.svg
A Home for the Elderly, Build a Library, Build a Future, Community Sanitation Project, First Aid Workshop, Gender Seminar, Marimba Dance Group Outfits, Milk for Kids, Tourist Eco-Cabin
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Hello my name is Belle.I entered the Peace Corps as a registered nurse, and I was fortunate to work as a rural health worker out of a Centro de Salud in San Luis de Pambil. I also helped start an Alcoholism and Drug Addiction detoxification and treatment program in Conocoto at the hospital of Julio Endara near Quito, Ecuador. The Peace Corps Trainers were excellent and fun to be around. The Ecuadorian people are friendly and welcoming, and have a culture that is rich in experience and knowledge. My fellow volunteers were family and we managed to have a great time together every time we got together. I learned a great deal from everyone during my time in Ecuador. I would be glad to discuss my experience with volunteers considering rural health work in Ecuador, and I would love to hear from the incredible volunteers of Omnibus 37 at ( I live with my husband Phillip and our four terrific children in Atco NJ.

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