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[edit] Gualaco

John Anderson, 2004-2006, Gualaco.

Anderson Honduras.JPG

"To make the map, I paced the every road in the community, and took readings using a compass at every intersection...When I got to Gualaco, Olancho, Honduras, I was completely lost, and got lost everytime I stepped out of the door. There were no maps of the town, except one hanging on the wall in the Municipality, and another hanging on the wall at the health center. To make matters worse, everyone gave directions by land marks, because none of the roads have names, or are even paved."

[edit] Rio Eacanco

Jesse Buff, 2000, Crisis Corps.

Buff Honduras.JPG

Hand Drawn Community Map

"I was part of a post Hurricane Mitch project where we were helping communities map and create action plans for their microwatersheds."

[edit] Dolores Intibuca

Barbara George, 1998-2001, Dolores Intibuca.

George Honduras.jpg

"This was literally every structure in my town. I lived in the house right across from the church, the one with the hammock. No electricity. I started this croquis [map] just to pass time in the spring of 2000, finished it just prior to leaving in 6/01."

[edit] Unknown

Don Dirnberger, 1999, Crisis Corps

Dirnberger Honduras.JPG

Map showing flood zone created by team members working on redevelopment after Hurricane Mitch.

[edit] Amapala

Peter and Elicet Van Der Lippe, 2000-2002, Amapala, Isla de El Tigre

Lippe Honduras.JPG

"We started a number of associations, one of which was the "Hoteles Y Casas de Huesped," (Hotels and Guest Houses) the brochure for which includes the map. There were roughly 68 members when I left in August of 2002. We also established an 'Association of Guides' and an 'Association of Fishermen'"

[edit] External Links

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[edit] Recommended Books

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