Hearts of Uganda Album Recording

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Hearts of Uganda Album Recording
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Uganda
Country: Uganda
Volunteer(s) Name: J. Close
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Washington, DC
Volunteer(s) Home city: Washington, DC
Funds community contributed: $718.00
Percentage community contributed: 29%
Funds needed were: $1421.00
Funds requested were: $1796.00
PPCP #: 617-014
Year of project approval: 2005
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Hearts of Uganda Album Recording, St. Aloysius Primary Teacher's College Computer Lab, Uganda Computer Lab
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Hearts of Uganda Album Recording
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Info about the Hearts of Uganda Album Recording

The Hearts of Uganda is a group that was formed in December, 2003 by a small group of students who were concerned about the spread of HIV/AIDS. The students felt that despite the existing campaigns to sensitize communities about HIV/AIDS, there had been a smaller focus on youth. Hearts of Uganda was formed to address this situation.

Since 2003, the group now has 50 members, and among them, there has been significantly positive change in behavior practiced regarding HIV/AIDS. They now wish to share their message and inspire such change through music, dance, poetry, and drama.

Hearts of Uganda is now requesting assistance through Partnership to help them record their first album, aimed at the nation's youth. Partnership funds will pay for most of the recording costs. The members of Hearts of Uganda have written all of the songs and composed all of the music. They will be contributing 29% of the total project cost.

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