HIV/AIDS Outreach Radio Broadcast

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HIV/AIDS Outreach Radio Broadcast
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Project Type(s):

Region: Western
Country: Ghana
Volunteer(s) Name: PCV Lorenc
PPCP #: PEPFARwarning.png"PEPFAR" is not a number.
Year of project approval: 2010
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Info about the HIV/AIDS Outreach Radio Broadcast


[edit] Title

HIV/AIDS Outreach Radio Broadcast

[edit] Purpose and Approach

This is a HIV/AIDS outreach radio broadcast. By utilizing the local radio station, Adehye 100.3 FM, a target population consisting of the total district of Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai as well as significant parts of the surrounding districts will be served. Adehye 100.3 FM is the sole radio broadcaster in the district and has an impressive 94% market coverage, making it on e of the most listened to and preferred broadcasters in the area. The program will be an hour long and will take place during prime time from 7 pm to 8 pm the first Monday of every month and will be conducted in both Twi and English. In addition to myself, the program will be hosted by two resource personnel knowledgeable about HIV/AIDS and where in the district people can go for testing and counseling within the district. Each episode will also have a theme discussion following this timetable.

  1. How HIV/AIDS is spread
  2. How to protect yourself from HIV/AIDS
  3. Symptoms of STIs and HIV/AIDS
  4. Sexual health
  5. Stigma
  6. Myths and truths about HIV/AIDS

Background Information

Bibiani is the capital of the Bibiani-Anhwisso-Bekwai district in the Western Region with a population of the district estimated at 103,257 in the 2000 census. The district faces many challenges when it comes to HIV/AIDS education and outreach. While Bibiani itself has been the target of many HIV/AIDS campaigns, the majority of residents are in rural communities difficult to reach and have not benefitted from these programs. The population also has an elevated risk level due to the presence of the cocoa industry and the mining industry. The migration of labor for these industries encourages multiple sexual partners, prostitution, and drug and alcohol abuse among these groups leading to overall increased risk for the general population.

[edit] Objectives

  1. Provide HIV/AIDS and sexual health education to the rural population.
    1. To provide education on modes of transmission, treatment, symptoms and stigma.
    2. To inform the population where they can go for testing and counseling.
  2. To dispel myths and stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.
    1. To allow people to ask questions without fear of reprisal or embarrassment.
    2. To increase tolerance and acceptance of PLWAs.

[edit] Action Plan

My initial action was to go to the District Assembly and contact the Social Welfare office, which does the HIv/AIDS outreach in the area. I spoke with the director about a few possible project ideas and it was decided that a radio project would have the greatest reach and deepest impact and could be implemented with the minimum amount of resources. We discussed a time frame, program details, and program participants and created our project plan.

My second action was to go to Adehye 100.3 FM and discuss with them time slots and pricing. The director was very interested and believed it would be good for the community. We wrote up a previsionary contract for services to set the price per hour for the radio program at GHC 120 and to agree on the time slot.

My third action was to secure the resource personnel. Both the director of the district health office and his assistant agreed to present on the program for compensation GHC 25 each per episode.

Step Task Needed Materials Responsible Party Estimated Timetable
1 Develop program with Director of Community and Social Welfare None PCV, Director & counterpart July
2 Set up previsionary contract with Adehye to agree to terms and costs None PCV & Station General Manager July
3 Set up previsionary contracts with resource personnel None PCV & resource personnel July
4 Begin monthly broadcast None PCV & resource personnel August

[edit] Budget

Currency Exchange Rate: 1.45 Ghana Cedi = 1.00 US Dollar

Partnership Contribution
Material Quantity Unit Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (USD)
Radio airtime 6 120 720 496.55
Remuneration for resource personnel 12 25 300 206.90
Total 1,020.00 703.45

Community Contribution
Material Quantity Unit Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (USD)
Potential lodging for PCV and resource personnel 6 10 60 41.38
Total 60.00 41.38

Total Project Cost
 % Contribution Total Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (USD)
Partnership Contribution 83 1,020.00 703.45
Community Contribution 17 60.00 41.38
Total Project Cost 1,080.00 744.83

[edit] Peace Corps Resources

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[edit] Project Reflection and Sustainability

Evaluation of the program will be judged on the basis of quantity and quality of calls during each program. All clinics in the district will be asked to record if any visitors or patients came to the clinic due to information presented in the radio program. Additionally, an informal community survey may be conducted in Bibiani and other major towns in the district to assess audience numbers and comprehension, if deemed possible.

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