Girls' Internships

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Girls' Internships
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Benin
Country: Benin
Volunteer(s) Name: T Carpenter
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Maryland
Affiliate organization: Etoile Apprentissage
Funds community contributed: 1179.00
PPCP #: 680-131
Year of project approval: 2006
Projects started in Benin 2006 (1).
Girls' Internships
Flag of Benin.svg
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Info about the Girls' Internships

Etoile Apprentissage is a program designed to address the needs of disadvantage urban girls. The vast majority of Peace Corps gender and development programs focus on rural girls due to the nature of Volunteer posts, often neglecting girls who live in cities. Etoile Apprentissage addresses this problem by offering month long internships to high performing urban girls whose families have trouble paying annual school fees. The girls will spend four weeks working under a female mentor and preparing an independent project in the area of their intended career. For example, a girl interning with an attorney might present how a bill becomes a law and include a reenactment of the process with her audience. After the internship is completed, the independent project will be presented to younger rural girls in communities where there are Peace Corps Volunteers in order to a) foster a spirit of giving back to the greater community on the part of the interns and b) encourage these rural girls to continue their educations.

Community contributions include space rental, costs associated with mentoring a young girl for a month, and classes for the girls in feminine hygiene, study skills, and the importance of education.

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