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Gene Stone
Flag of Niger.svg
Country Niger
Years: 1974-1976
Site(s) Niamey
Region(s) Niamey Capital
Program(s) Education
Gene Stone started in Niger 1974
George O'Shea, Gene Stone
Region: Niamey Capital
Gene Stone
Education in Niger:Education.gif
John Lemon, Gabriella Maertens, John Pitts, Victoria Pridgen, Gene Stone
Other Volunteers who served in Niger
Flag of Niger.svg
Stephanie Michelle Chance, Mark Edstrand, Jody Kincaid, Stuart Leeder, John Lemon, Jeremiah Mack, Gabriella Maertens, Melissa McSwegin, George O'Shea, Jeffrey Orton, John Pitts, Victoria Pridgen, Amanda Ree, Linda Robinson, Lindsay Rust … further results
Projects in Niger
Flag of Niger.svg
Classroom Construction, Community Classroom, English Textbooks, Farmers' Cooperative, Grain Bank, Grain Bank (Niger), Microcredit Capacity Building, Millet Grinder, Millet Grinder (Leemon), Millet Grinder (Niger), Project Template (Niger), School Garden to Introduce Health and Nutrition, Soap to Combat Poverty, Village Health Improvement, Water tower, Women's Goat Breeding Niger
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Gene Stone is an American writer and editor.

A graduate of Stanford and Harvard, he is a former Peace Corps volunteer, a screenwriter, and a journalist as well as a book, magazine, and newspaper editor including The Los Angeles Times, California magazine (editor in chief), Esquire, Harcourt Trade Publishers, Bantam Books, and Simon & Schuster.

He is best known for what he is not known for: he has ghostwritten more than thirty books for a diverse group of people, including theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, former Yahoo! Chief Solutions Officer Tim Sanders, and Mark Liponis, the medical director of Canyon Ranch Resorts. Six of these books have been national bestsellers.

He has also published several titles under his own name, including a Washington Post number one bestseller, The Bush Survival Bible. He lives in New York City, from where he blogs regularly for the Huffington Post.

An avid watch collector, he appeared on CBS News Sunday Morning (October 29, 2006) discussing his book, The Watch the definitive book of men's wristwatches.

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