GGLOW Camp for Youth

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GGLOW Camp for Youth
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Country: Morocco
Volunteer(s) Name: A Dolinger
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Virginia
Funds community contributed: $2385
Percentage community contributed: 30%
Funds needed were: $1057.49
Funds requested were: $5406.50
PPCP #: 378-113
Year of project approval: 2009
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GGLOW Camp for Youth, Safety in the Workplace, Well Refurbishment, Women's Community Center, Women's Computer Literacy Classes
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GGLOW Camp for Youth, Safety in the Workplace, Well Refurbishment, Women's Community Center, Women's Computer Literacy Classes
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Info about the GGLOW Camp for Youth

In rural Morocco, most youth never receive the opportunity to recognize and develop their potential as future leaders. But hope is on the horizon for two small hillside communities in the High Atlas Mountains who have come together to create a summer leadership camp. This Girls and Guys Leading Our World (GGLOW) camp, based on an original Peace Corps volunteer initiative, will give 50 youth between the ages of 14 and 17 the opportunity to enrich their lives and their communities.

Designed to cultivate informed and active individuals, the camp will foster skills training and education in the areas of (1) leadership and teamwork, (2) goal-setting and decision-making, (3) self-awareness and confidence, (4) the ability to understand, define, and respond to social issues in the region (e.g. environmental protection, AIDS awareness, gender roles, etc.). This skill set gives youth the tools necessary to better manage their personal lives and positively influence their communities. Encouraging the continued education of boys and girls is central to the project.

Local teachers and community leaders provide the project's driving force by contributing their talents, time and resources. In all stages of planning and implementation, this core group remains positive, involved and motivated. Teachers serve not only as mentors, but as resources within these communities to promote long-term sustainability. The communities have expressed their sincere commitment to the camp by donating the campsite, labor and equipment. Your contribution will help secure the materials, food, transportation and other items needed to make this camp successful.

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