Fundraising for an Orphanage

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Fundraising for an Orphanage
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Pryluki
Country: Ukraine
Volunteer(s) Name: Anna Frumes
Affiliate organization: Pryluki City Administration
Year of project approval: 2006
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Info about the Fundraising for an Orphanage


[edit] Summary:

This was a training project for CED group 30 that resulted in two expected outcomes and many more unexpected outcomes. Subject(s): Fundraising; Orphanages; Social Work.

[edit] Story:

The orphanage of Pryluki (Housing 130 children ages 0-4 with varying needs including 2 children with HIV and approximately 20 children with physical and mental handicaps) displayed the expertise in child development but needed expertise in requesting funds to support the orphanage in their child development projects.


Step Three: Took fotos and video and created video in English first than Ukrainian

Step Four: Prepared for the fundraiser.

-We created invites

-Obtained venue with the help of the local administration

-Asked administration to help promote event via TV, radio, and local newspaper

-Designed Event; The event had three profit centers 1) We had a menu (This was where the expense was) and charged 5 grn. for entrance, 2) We had a lottery at event (This raised the most money. We had some little prizes and had a local artist donate paintings.), mac cosmetics wholesale 3) We also had donation boxes at the event (You would be surprised how much was just donated). At the event we had a small program and showed the video. In total the event lasted 2 hours. 1 hour for set-up and 1-hour for clean-up additional.



1) Sponsor request video produced (20 in English and 5 in Ukrainian)

2) $200 USD raised to help purchase spring clothing for the children


1) Fundraiser attended/sponsored by City Administration -- they have now decided to include the video in the city promotional packets and upload the video onto their website.

2) Fundraiser attended by director of local bazaar and he has now committed to repairing parts of the orphanage included the broken windows, doors and stairs.

Project Type(s): Fundraising; Social Marketing

[edit] Post-Project Analysis:

Please note this funding experience was simple and can be replicated in many ways. I would recommend this type of fundraising for small projects. There are many things that could have made it even easier. Try not to include food and if you do get the community to participate with either the donation, purchase or production of the food. Also, please note that with this type of event even though RSVPs were requested almost no one responded. This made it difficult to gage how big or small the event was going to be.

Location: Pryluki Training Site (Chernigivskya) Dates: 05/20/06 Participants: 45

Sponsoring Organization: Pryluki City Administration, Pryluki Local Newspaper, Pryluki Local TV Station, and the Pryluki House of Culture Oblast: ChernihivskaYear: 2006 PCV: Anna Frumes(Economic Development, Group 30)E-Mail:

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