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China Regions
Chongqing Province, Gansu Province
China PC Sites
Fuling, Zhangya
Flag of China.svg
Fuling, China
Region Chongqing Province
Volunteered in Chongqing Province
Peter Hessler, Amy Potthast
Other sites in Chongqing Province
Volunteers who served at Fuling
Peter Hessler, Amy Potthast
Projects at Fuling
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Fuling, China
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Map Sites in China

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Volunteers Who Have Served in Fuling

Started service in Ended service in Served in sector Primary assignment was
Peter Hessler 2450083.51996 2450814.51998 Education
Amy Potthast 2450814.51998 2451544.52000

Fuling: My site placement is in Fuling, Chongqing Province or more famously referred to as "River Town" via Peter Hessler's award winning novel. Fuling is a great site, the community is very friendly and the staff and students really need you and will do all they can to make you happy and comfortable. That said, it is a small town, and one that was closed off for many years and there is still a lot of dubiety regarding foreigners, which means a lot of stares and curiosity: this is all part of daily life.

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