Fog Collection System Serra Malaguetta

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Fog Collection System Serra Malaguetta
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Serra Malaguetta
Region: Santiago Island
Country: Cape_Verde
Volunteer(s) Name: Nate Lee
Affiliate organization: Natural Monte Park Gordo
Year of project approval: 2009
Project located: yes
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Info about the Fog Collection System Serra Malaguetta

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Fog Collection System Serra Malaguetta
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[edit] Summary:

Demonstration of renewal energy in the Natural Monte Park Gordo (PNMG) represents a strategy of sustainable development. The present document appears as a proposal of implementation of nets for water capture of the fog in the PNMG (to see drawing in report). The beneficiaries will be the inhabitants proprietors of the agricultural lands in “Chã de Monte Fat person” that have helped in the raising of the nets. The beginning of the works will be dependent of the approval of this document and the dispersion of money on the part of the Headquarters.

[edit] Objectives of the Project:

General Objective: Through the implementation of a system of water capture of the fog, to improve the access conditions the water for the local communities that possess and cultivated agricultural properties in the area “Chã de Monte Fat person”.

The specific objectives: it consists of the construction of two (2) modules of meshes I contend each one: - two (2) nets, - one (1) filter (of sand/it gushes out/rocks), - one (1) water reservoir, - one (1) accountant.

[edit] Justification:

Mount Fat person the occult precipitation is bigger of what the vertical precipitation. In this direction, a net of fog water capture in the considered place, would allow to improve the conditions of life of some families of the community of Palhal due to compensation irrigation that would be possible to practise with the implementation of projecto. One knows that two modules of meshes will not be enough to accumulate of stocks all the agricultural properties of the related area, however, a multiplying effect in the direction expects future that the community can testify the benefits brought for this métedo and as such, will be able, with the support of the PNMG, to implement its proper projects.

[edit] Localization of the Project:

On the basis of the study made for the Eng. Sabino, one of the best places to install the captation net is in the “Chã de Monte Fat person”, more necessarily the east of the Meteorological Station. The geographic coordinates are the following ones: Latitude: 16o37'36” N, Longitude: 24o21'07” W, Altitude: 1,060 meters According to Ecological Pursuing, the related localization will not constitute no impediment for correcto functioning of the meteorólogica station (to see anexo2). 5. Implementation of the Projecto: It will be necessary a carpenter to construct to the two nets and a channeler to design the system of canalization of the water. The pursuing of the confection and installation of the captation system will be equips in charge of them of Ecoturismo and Communitarian Development of the PNMG. They will work in set with the local community that will be responsible for the rank of the nets; installation of the canalized system; construction of the filters and the reservoirs; maintenance of the system; e for the future distribution use of the water proviniente of the nets (in conjucção with PNMG).

Report in Portuguese:

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