First Aid Workshop

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First Aid Workshop
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Community Name: El Páramo
Country: Ecuador
Volunteer(s) Name: J Ortega
Volunteer(s) Homestate: California
Funds community contributed: 846.58
PPCP #: 518-325
Year of project approval: 2005
Projects started in Ecuador 2005 (2).
Community Sanitation Project, First Aid Workshop
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Info about the First Aid Workshop

The clinic located in a remote village in the El Páramo region of Ecuador is the only clinic serving 6,000 people living in 26 distinct area communities. The village is the key commercial center of the region due to its central location. The outlying communities are connected by muddy footpaths, accessible solely by horse, mule, or foot. Communities are located as far away as 10 hours from the clinic. Distance makes emergency patient care and communication challenging.

For the past several years the clinic has trained health promoters, local individuals who act as liaisons between the clinic and their villages. Health promoters provide medical information and aid in transportation to the clinic in emergency situations. It is essential that all health promoters are trained in first aid and have access to basic first aid materials as they are often the only people in their communities with any medical knowledge.

The clinic is requesting funds to finance a workshop with the Red Cross covering basic first aid and the distribution of first aid kits for health promoters. Clinic staff will supplement this workshop with a workshop in the administration of basic medicine for pain and fever. The majority of funds needed for the purchase of first aid kits have already been raised by community members. Only supplemental funds are being requested for the kits. After the workshop is complete, clinic staff has agreed to provide monthly workshops with the health promoters to review first aid techniques.

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