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When prospective Volunteers talk to family and friends about their desire to join the Peace Corps, sometimes they get reactions of enthusiasm, support, even admiration. Parents, siblings, and friends are thrilled to see their loved one follow his or her dream.

Other families and friends respond with caution or outright opposition when they hear of their loved one's interest in the Peace Corps. It's easy to understand why.

Seeing a son, daughter, sister, brother, or parent venture to a far-away place where they don't know anyone for two years can seem risky. Parents who have worked hard to get a child through college, or struggled to bring children to the United States in search of economic opportunity, may feel disappointed that their son or daughter will not dive into a high-paying job right after graduation. Others might think that Americans should help improve the quality of life in their own community.

This website will help you learn about the Peace Corps' emphasis on ensuring our Volunteers' safety and security. You'll discover the very practical, long-term benefits of service. You'll also find out how the skills Volunteers develop overseas can make them more effective at helping their home communities. Most importantly, you will read first-person accounts of the Peace Corps experience from Volunteers and former Volunteers who address everything from their living conditions abroad to their post-Peace Corps careers at home.

To learn more about the Peace Corps, attend a general information meeting with your family member. Feel free to speak directly with your relative's recruiter regarding your concerns. You can also learn from videos in the Video Vault that is available on the Peace Corps website. These short videos feature real Peace Corps Volunteers explaining how they live and work.

In addition, you can request a Peace Corps booklet called "On the Home Front: A Handbook for the Families of Volunteers." In it you will find honest information about concerns commonly voiced by families and friends of Volunteers. You will also learn about the vital role that loved ones can play throughout a Volunteer's service.

Peace Corps is a challenging opportunity that offers Americans of every background enormous rewards. Should someone you know become a Peace Corps Volunteer, rest assured that his or her life will be enriched—and so will yours.

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