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United States Peace Corps
Freedom of Information Act Request
FOIA 11053
Request Summary:
"Reports including Health, Safety, and Early Termination"

Requested: 2010/12/09
PC Response: 2011/01/31
Agent: Candice Allgaier
FOIA Request Summaries & Total Days until Final Response(30).
Summary Days
FOIA 11114 Medical Screening Guidelines Manual 5151
FOIA 11113 2011 Staff and Consultant Directories and Listings 6262
FOIA 11060 Survey of Senior Volunteers
FOIA 11061 Regarding treatment of Volunteers who are whistle blowers. 1717
FOIA 11058 Early Termination Rate Data 6767
FOIA 11059 Survey of Volunteers
FOIA 11053 Reports including Health, Safety, and Early Termination
FOIA 11043 Listing of Peace Corps Political Appointees 9696
… further results

[edit] February 2nd 2011 Response Memo


I accept the reply for #2, listed below; however, the response for #9 I do not concur with.

I requested

  1. 9 : List of all official reports completed by the Office of Inspector General, including title, date, and reference number.

The response given:

Is only true for the most recent reports, and those that Peace Corps / OIG has chosen to have displayed publicly online. I requested a list of all official reports completed by the OIG, including title, date and reference number.

Example: "Evaluation of the Volunteer Delivery System" , No. IG-02-11-E , April 2003 "Evaluation of Peace Corps / Belize" , Report Number IG-99-22-1 , August 2000 etc.

Note: neither of the two examples given above are listed on the webpage given as a response, and therefore the response is incomplete.

[edit] January 31st 2011 Response=

This is a status update on your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request dated December 8, 2010. Specifically, you request the following documents:

Below is a response to 2 elements of the FOIA request, as follows.

2. Safety of the Volunteer (2009, 2010)

Safety of the Volunteer (2009) is the most recent version.


Please note that no further action is necessary.

9. List of all official reports completed by the Office of Inspector General, including title,

date, and reference number.


Please note that no further action is necessary.

We are diligently working on your request and anticipate providing a response to you within 10 additional working days. If you agree to this extension, no reply is necessary. If we subsequently deny your request, you still have the right to file an administrative appeal. When there is a need to for an agency to seek additional time, the agency must allow the requester an opportunity to modify his or her request, or to arrange for an alternative timeframe for completion of the agency's processing.

You may wish to consider limiting the scope of your request so that we can process it more quickly. If you want to limit your request, please submit a reply to this notification. If you decide not modify your request, please note that we anticipate providing a response by February 14, 2011.

If you have questions regarding this response, please feel free to contact me at 202-692-1904 or

Candice Allgaier

FOIA/PA Specialist

Peace Corps

1111-20th Street NW

Washington, DC 20526

(RPCV, China 2007-2010)

[edit] December 9th 2010 Requested

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