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United States Peace Corps
Freedom of Information Act Request
FOIA 09127
Request Summary:
"Political Appointee listing and memos"

Requested: Sep 23 2009
PC Received: Sep 23 2009 (1 day(s))*
PC Response: Oct 10 2009 (13 days)*
Agent: Anthony Washington
Business Days: Days Total: 13
*Business Days btw FOIA Actions
FOIA Request Summaries & Total Days until Final Response(30).
Summary Days
FOIA 11114 Medical Screening Guidelines Manual 5151
FOIA 11113 2011 Staff and Consultant Directories and Listings 6262
FOIA 11059 Survey of Volunteers
FOIA 11060 Survey of Senior Volunteers
FOIA 11061 Regarding treatment of Volunteers who are whistle blowers. 1717
FOIA 11058 Early Termination Rate Data 6767
FOIA 11053 Reports including Health, Safety, and Early Termination
FOIA 11043 Listing of Peace Corps Political Appointees 9696
… further results

[edit] Response

This letter is a final response to your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request dated September 23, 2009. In your request, you asked for the following information: “1. under the current administration, how many of the 23 political appointed positions in Peace Corps were filled by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. 2. Send any correspondence concerning the issue including email, memos, and letters.”

First, four of the current administration’s political appointees are Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. Secondly, we do not have any of the aforementioned correspondence concerning the appointments

[edit] Followup

New request: Answered question FOIA #10-019

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