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United States Peace Corps
Freedom of Information Act Request
FOIA 05104
Request Summary:
"Medical Screening Guidelines"

Requested: 2005/09/27
PC Received: 2005/09/27 (1 day(s))*
PC Response: 2005/10/31 (25 days)*
Agent: Sheila Wright
Business Days: Days Total: 26
*Business Days btw FOIA Actions
FOIA Request Summaries & Total Days until Final Response(30).
Summary Days
FOIA 11114 Medical Screening Guidelines Manual 5151
FOIA 11113 2011 Staff and Consultant Directories and Listings 6262
FOIA 11061 Regarding treatment of Volunteers who are whistle blowers. 1717
FOIA 11058 Early Termination Rate Data 6767
FOIA 11059 Survey of Volunteers
FOIA 11060 Survey of Senior Volunteers
FOIA 11053 Reports including Health, Safety, and Early Termination
FOIA 11043 Listing of Peace Corps Political Appointees 9696
… further results

Request Refiled 2011 as FOIA_11114


[edit] Final Response December 24th 2005 (transfer issues)

Please be informed that, unfortunately, the series of e-mails promised in my December 12, 2005 email to you can not be completed. Therefore this is a follow up e-mail regarding the status and fulfillment of your Freedom of Information Act request. Due to the size of the responsive document, our repeated attempts to transmit this information by e-mail have failed. Consequently, we are providing an electronic copy of the remaining chapters (excluding the previously received cardiovascular section) of The Screening Guidelines on two CDs.

We are prepared to mail the CDs to you at your address of preference. That said we are aware that you are currently in Senegal and therefore we are extending the offer to transmit the CDs via pouch to ensure their expeditious and safe transport. Please indicate whether your preference is to have them mailed to you in country, your home address of record, or some other address.

I regret any inconvenience this may have caused. For your information, I will be out of the office beginning December 23rd through January 3rd, please direct your response and any subsequent inquires to Marianne Manheim, FOIA Officer Respectfully, Sheila Wright FOIA/PA Specialist

[edit] Final Response December 12th, 2005 (After fees paid)


Final release of documents responsive to your Freedom of Information Act request was contingent upon your agreement to pay processing fees delineated on the invoice transmitted to you by e-mail on October 31, 2005. On December 9, 2005, the Peace Corps received your remittance of $ 327.64, in the form of a personal check. Subsequently, you are being provided with electronic copies of the remaining sections of The Screening Guidelines as follows:

In as much as this constitutes a full-grant of requested documents, I am officially closing your case. Additionally, a hard-copy of this transmittal letter will be mailed to your home address of record. If you have questions or concerns regarding your FOIA request, please feel free to call me directly at 202.692.1236 or 800.424.8580, ext. 1236.I hope this information proves useful. Thank you for your interest in the Peace Corps. 10 Attachments: Totaling 1003 pages

Sheila Wright FOIA/PA Specialist Peace Corps 1111 20th Street, NW ~ Room 2224 Washington, DC 20526 Tel: (202) 692-1236 Fax: (202) 692-2131

[edit] Final Response November 22nd 2005

The Peace Corps Freedom of Information Act must proceed under the law like every other agency and in a uniform manner. You have made a FOIA request. We performed a search, transferred the information into electronic format, and calculated the fees to do so since we do not regularly maintain an electronic copy. It is your option as a requester to pay the fee or forego receiving the information you requested. We have forwarded your proposal to the Office of Medical Services (OMS) and they have declined to place the guidelines on the internet for a variety of reasons.

As you have now stated that you intend to pay the fees, please do so and you will receive the information you requested.

Thanks for your continued interest in the Peace Corps.

With regards,

Marianne Manheim

Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act Officer Peace Corps Headquarters 1111 20th St., NW Washington, DC 20526 tel: 202-692-1186 fax: 202-692-2131

[edit] Response Memo November 12th 2005

As you are aware i am in Senegal now ending PC training: I get email about once a week at best: Closing my file is outrageous!!!!! I am willing to pay the cost:

It is also outrageous that you think you have no role in helping the PC avoid Foia request: Have you forwarded my proposal to the PC medical office??? Are they happy to have me publish the guidelines in PC on line??? Is that perfectly acceptable to them??? Do they not want to explain whqt they are; etc: If they agree to publish the G; I will forego publishing them online:

My financal agent in the US; and she can pay the fees: will we then have an electronic version of the Guidelines?

[edit] Interim Reponse November 8th 2005

Thank you for your timely response to my e-mail notification seeking your agreement to pay the fees incurred in processing your FOIA request. As alluded to in a follow up e-mail sent to you on 10/4/05 and ultimately determined, the cost of processing your request substantially exceeded the amount you initially indicated you were willing to pay. Your latest response did not confirm that you are willing to pay the fees for computer time and reproduction as outlined on the invoice sent as an attachment with my 10/31/05 e-mail. As you have received all of the pages you are entitled to at no cost, we will be closing your file.

Determinations on what information Peace Corps elects to publish and request for exposition of terminology are outside of the purview of FOIA. Your proposal will be forwarded to Peace Corps' Office of Medical Services (OMS) for appropriate handling.

Again we appreciate your interest in the Peace Corps.

Sincerely, Sheila Wright FOIA/PA Specialist

[edit] Response Memo November 6th 2005

Now that the Peace Corps has agreed in principle that the guidelines are appropriate to be made public, let me talk through with you how this might be done most constructively. I could simply publish them in Peace Corps on line and let eveyone see them. I wouldn't put in any commentary about them, but many questions will be asked. A better approach might be for the Peace Corps to determine to publish them on line itself with accompanying explanatory information -- what does it mean that they are "guidelines," how much flexibility is there in applying them, what is a "medical deferment" and a "medical accommodation," how does one seek to secure updates of the guidelines, how does not appeal a decision, etc. It strikes me that you would want to have the guidelines published in this way -- then you've not simply responded to a FOIA request but helped the PC inform the public -- in this case applicants -- about how it operates.

[edit] Response October 31st 2005

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) (5 U.S.C. § 552) in conjunction with Peace Corps regulations 22 CFR Part 303 (view at and quick search "22CFR303.13") provide for fees to be assessed for processing FOIA requests. The cost for computer operating time is calculated based on the salary (see attached Fee schedule) of the category of employee who actually performs the work, plus 16% of that rate to cover benefits, plus the direct costs of the central processing unit, input-output devices, and memory capacity of the actual computer configuration.

You are being provided with an electronic copy of part 1 which contains the first 100 (approx.) pages of the Screening Guidelines, free of charge. The remaining 10 parts of the Screening Guidelines will be sent upon your agreement to pay the associated fees (as delineated above) for photocopying and preparing this document in electronic format. The total cost of processing responsive documents is $327.64. The attached invoice provides details of actual costs and information on where to remit payment. A paper copy of this correspondence has also been mailed to your address as listed on your original request.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your FOIA request, please feel free to call me directly at 202.692.1236 or 800.424.8580, ext. 1236. I may also be reached by e-mail at .

Thank you for your interest in the Peace Corps.

Sincerely, Sheila Wright FOIA/PA Specialist

Peace Corps 1111 20th Street, NW ~ Room 2224 Washington, DC 20526 Tel: (202) 692-1236 Fax: (202) 692-2131

[edit] Request Recieved September 27th 2005

Thank you for contacting Peace Corps' Office of Freedom of Information (FOI) and Privacy (PA). This e-mail acknowledges receipt of your request made under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Your request was received by the Peace Corps on September 27, 2005 and assigned FOIA case log # FOIA-05-104. We are currently researching your request to obtain the required information. You will be notified if we require additional information to process your request. All subsequent inquiries regarding your request should reference the FOIA case number listed above. If you desire a paper copy of this acknowledgement please indicate the mailing address you wish to have this information directed to. If you have questions or concerns regarding your case, please feel free to call me directly at 202.692.1236 or 800.424.8580, ext. 1236. I may also be reached by e-mail at . Sincerely, Sheila Wright FOIA/PA SpecialistPeace Corps 1111 20th Street, NW Washington, DC 20526 Tel: (202) 692-1236 Fax: (202) 692-1377

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