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Erin Kathleen Pettigrew
Flag of Mauritania.svg
Country Mauritania
Years: 2003-2005
Site(s) Chinguetti
Program(s) Education
Erin Kathleen Pettigrew started in Mauritania 2003
Erin Pettigrew
Education in Mauritania:Education.gif
Erin Pettigrew
Other Volunteers who served in Mauritania
Flag of Mauritania.svg
Kevin Baladad, Brad Clinehens, Robert Dorion, Grant Hale, Emmanuela Jeune, Jessica Kane, Liz Kenton, Olivier Paris-Leclerc, Erin Pettigrew, Kathleen M. Shannon, Robb Warfield
Projects in Mauritania
Flag of Mauritania.svg
Bicycle Repair Class, Gardening Improvement, Girls' Basketball Court and Team, School Improvements
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[edit] Description of Service

Erin Pettigrew taught English as a foreign language following the national curriculum as defined by the Ministry of Education. Also taught English to local teachers, taught French to local women, taught Hassaniya to Spanish hospital staff, volunteered at a primary school nutrition center, collaborated with a French volunteer on weekly First Aid classes for local community members, taught computer literacy courses, organized a community garbage clean-up in village, worked with women’s cooperatives to promote general hygiene, gardening techniques, and vegetable preservation, actively participated in Gender and Development program of Peace Corps, and collaborated with Mauritanian English teacher to create and participate in an English club for students.

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