Enhancing English Through Technology

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Enhancing English Through Technology
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Bulgaria
Country: Bulgaria
Volunteer(s) Name: R Bailey
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Oregon
Funds community contributed: $4115.48
Funds needed were: $3167.43
Funds requested were: $3462.43
PPCP #: 313-111
Year of project approval: 2008
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Info about the Enhancing English Through Technology

Throughout 29 weeks, fifth through eighth grade students of an elementary school in a Bulgarian community, will enhance their English skills by using a multimedia approach, through three clubs of interest. Through practical applicability of English, the beneficiary group will expand their knowledge of work with computers, the internet and other multimedia forms. Through planned topics of correspondence to become acquainted, the community will create connections with people in Portland, Oregon. Three multimedia presentations will be presented to the community, by the students and others involved with the project.

The project is necessary in the community for the use and learning of the English language. The community is aware of the increasing need for proficiency in English and its indispensability for students in today’s globalized world. The proposed project is in the area of the community which includes an English teacher (a Peace Corps Volunteer), a computer specialist, a computer room with internet, and a classroom, conscious of their own capacity. Our fundamental goal is successful use of English for class work from books as well as practical need. Our objectives are: -Formation of the multimedia room, for attractive, modern and effective learning and training of the students; -Creation of the capacity for knowledge, skills and competency in English; -Use with the potential for development, of the available technology by learning a foreign language -The maturing of a well-mannered, multicultural generation with indispensible knowledge of the world

The community participated in the development of and the creation of the committee and project. Through team of community members, its completion will be controlled by means of internal monitoring, questionnaires, and monthly working meetings. The community will keep track of time, labor and resources in the execution of every activity. Members will participate in all project acitvities from the prepreparation to presentations, transportation, assembly and installation of items, and to paying for electricity, water, heat, and educational materials. If any outside monitoring is necessary, Peace Corps will assist.

We found $3,462.41 from PCPP are necessary for the successful completion of the project (total is $6,580.61).

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