English Language Summer Camp

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English Language Summer Camp
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Project Type(s):

Country: Azerbaijan
Volunteer(s) Name: J Flegal
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Virginia
Funds community contributed: $4370
Percentage community contributed: 66%
Funds needed were: $1792.50
Funds requested were: $2192.50
PPCP #: 314-053
Year of project approval: 2009
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Info about the English Language Summer Camp

English Language Summer Camp gives students from two schools in Azerbaijan the opportunity to practice and improve their English language abilities during the summer, participate in new activities, expand their creativity, build life skills, and see new opportunities for growth in their lives. Students will participate in a three week long day-camp. Each week will have a different theme including Environmental Awareness, Sports and Games, and Arts and Crafts; exposing students to new interests and ideas. Environmental Awareness Week will teach students how to be better caretakers of their local environment. Sports and Games Week will promote team building, gender equality and a healthy lifestyle. Arts and Crafts Week will give the students a chance to think outside of the box while developing life skills such as politeness and sharing.

Azerbaijanis and Peace Corps Volunteers will collaborate to plan and carry out the three week long camp, encouraging active participation in the community. We hope that both the participants and local community contributers will gain confidence, experience with long term planning and team building, and the ability to explore new opportunities. We are looking for assistance with the cost of local supplies and acquiring supplies that are unavailable in the local community. Without Partnership contributions, a significant part of the camp will be impossible. Students, community members, and volunteers are very enthusiastic about this project. It would be incredibly disappointing if financial restrictions prevented it from happening. We appreciate, in advance, your contribution!

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