English Lab Modernization

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English Lab Modernization
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Community Name: Armenia
Country: Armenia
Volunteer(s) Name: Smallwood B
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Tennessee
Funds community contributed: 8417
PPCP #: 305-051
Year of project approval: 2008
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Info about the English Lab Modernization

The goal of this project is to create a computer/internet-based English language lab in a local school offering special classes that utilize a wide range of new technologies, multi-media learning techniques, audio/visual aids, internet-based offerings and innovated teaching methods that will immerse school-age and adult learners alike in a total English atmosphere of learning. Afternoon classes will be for selected students from school #2 as well as 10 nearby villages. Morning classes will be offered to the adult learners of the area with the emphasis on business English. Scholarships will be offered as well as free computer training for area teachers.

First, the lab room must be modified and wired for internet. Six computers with all the requisite hardware, software and linkages must be purchased and set up. Curriculum must be designed and acquired that meets the high standards of this project. Teachers must be trained in the latest techniques of computer/internet-based teaching methods.

The impact on the community will be vast. English classes currently offered to students in the community are based on outdated techniques and use twenty-year old material. There are no classes for business English at all. For students to advance to a university education and good jobs, knowing more that mediocre English is imperative. For the community’s business sector to grow and thrive, the business community must understand and use English. This English language lab will be the mechanism through which young and adult learners alike can achieve their own goals of mastering the English language.

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