El Zapote Community Latrine

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El Zapote Community Latrine
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Community Name: El_Zapote
Country: Panama
Volunteer(s) Name: R. Gross
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Nebraska
Funds needed were: $1293
Year of project approval: 2003
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Info about the El Zapote Community Latrine

The community of El Zapote lies within the reservation of Ngobe tribe. Less the 1/3 of the homes have access to functioning, sanitary latrines. Most residents use nearby streams and river, which contaminates their water sources, has caused water-borne disease in the community especially among young children. The community has recognized this as a pressing issue and is asking Partnership for assistance in building latrines in the community. A latrine committee has been formed to manage this project in conjunction with the Peace Corps Volunteer. The community will contribute labor, transportation of supplies, and some wood. They are asking for assistance in purchase the construction supplies for the project.

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