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Don Simon
Flag of Ecuador.svg
Country Ecuador
Years: 1974-1976
Site(s) Ambato
Region(s) Tungurahua
Program(s) Business
Assignment(s) Small Business Development
From US state Massachusetts
Don Simon started in Ecuador 1974
Fay Behrens, Ralph Blessing, Stan huncilman, Barbara Lehman von Behren, Stephen Main, Don Simon, Carol Sivits Molina, Paul Warpeha
Region: Tungurahua
Karen Allison, Ralph Archung, Patty Hubbuch Bailey, Victor L Berthelsdorf, Joshua Busby, Lawrence Jay Cevelo Jr., Diane Claerbout, Howard Rhea Cole, Marie Connell, Forrest D Corson, Hubert J. Dufner, Jeffrey D. Dunlap, Bernard J. Fisken, Deidra Groppenbacher, Greg Groppenbacher … further results
Business in Ecuador:Business.gif
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Other Volunteers who served in Ecuador
Flag of Ecuador.svg
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Projects in Ecuador
Flag of Ecuador.svg
A Home for the Elderly, Build a Library, Build a Future, Community Sanitation Project, First Aid Workshop, Gender Seminar, Marimba Dance Group Outfits, Milk for Kids, Tourist Eco-Cabin
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Transferred in from Nicaragua. Began assignment with the Asociacion de Pequenas Industrias and quickly migrated to assisting campesinos form asociations and cooperatives in the parroquias and caserios of Tungurahua. This led to helping to establish and sustain the Federacion de Campesinos de Tungurahua. Agricultural economics became the logical pursuit after leaving Peace Corps and completed a Master's at Univ. of Kentucky in 1979. After grad school, became a coop development specialist for USDA in Washington, DC. Still with the Federal Government in the same city to this day.

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