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Don Pierce
Flag of Ghana.svg
Country Ghana
Years: 1989-1990
Site(s) Vakpo
Program(s) Business
Don Pierce started in Ghana 1989
Don Pierce
Business in Ghana:Business.gif
Don Pierce
Other Volunteers who served in Ghana
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Projects in Ghana
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Beaders' Community Workshop, Business Camp, Camp BALL, Capacity-Building Workshop on the Health Benefits of Moringa, Cape Coast Field Trip, Community Rabbit-Rearing Project, Computer and Library Access, Computers for Junior High School, Cultural Club, Daughter to Work Day, Environment Club, Expansion of Rainwater Harvesting System, Fufulso Schools Rainwater Collection System, Ghana Longboat HIV Educational Expedition (GLEE), HIV/AIDS Educational Murals, HIV/AIDS Outreach Radio Broadcast, HIV/AIDS Peer Educator Workshop for Tea and Kenkey Sellers, Health Club, High School Kitchen, Household Compost Latrine Project, ICT Computer Lab for JHS, Kindergarten/Nursery School, Know the Facts: HIV/AIDS Film Shows, Kumasi Ventilated-Improved Pit Latrines for Community Schools, Lebali Group Work Structure and Business Training, Love Life: Valentine's Day Football Gala, Men as Partners (MAP), No Wealth Without Health, Polytank for a High School, Reading Clubs, SHS Computer Lab and Internet Cafe, Sex Workers HIV/AIDS Awareness, Shea Butter Facility and Machinery, Tolon Girls HIV/AIDS, Trees for the Future, Trekking Tour, Village Bicycle Project, Volta Outreach to Island Communities Expedition (VOICE), We're Ghana Play Basketball
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[edit] Description of Service

Worked with the UNDP & ILO on a project with local woodcarvers in the Vakpo area (Volta Region).We helped them work together in a cooperative environment, gathered them together under five different work sheds. They had previously been competeing against each other.We showed them how to cost their items, work on quality control. Provided them with new tools for carving, and helped negotiate quality standard and pricing with the local tourist vendors. Our group of Peace Corps Volunteers were the very first group of "Small Enterprise Development" volunteers that Peace Corps had.

[edit] About Don Pierce Today

I went back to the management position I had been in for 15 years before I entered the Peace Corp.My time there helped me gain great patience and understanding and has made me a better leader and manager.Also gained a great understanding of what other people of the world are up against.I have learned what I can personally do without. Retired in 2005

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