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The Volunteer Description of Service (DOS) Statement serves as the official Peace Corps reference for returned Volunteers. It describes the Volunteer's training and overseas activities in non-evaluative terms. The Description of Service is regulated by Section MS-285 of the Peace Corps Manual.

Below are DOS statements found online from different countries. Included, for reference, are the month/year the volunteer swore in and begun service, and which sector they were in.


[edit] Armenia

June 2006, Environmental Education

[edit] Benin

September 2005, ICT

[edit] Bolivia

August 1999, Natural Resources

[edit] Cameroon

February 2001, Community Health
August 2002, Education

[edit] Cape Verde

September 1999, Education
September 2009, Education

[edit] Chad

September 1991, Education

[edit] Costa Rica

September 1993, Environment

[edit] Dominica

August 1987, Librarian

[edit] Dominican Republic

May 2002, Information Technology for Education Specialist
October 1999, Agricultural Extensionist
May 1994, Environmental Sanitation Extensionist

[edit] El Salvador

June 2004, Municipal Development

[edit] Fiji

August 2005, Community Developmental Specialist

[edit] Gambia, The

September 2003, Education

[edit] Honduras

December 1997, Environment

[edit] India


[edit] Jamaica

August 1999, Environment

[edit] Kazakhstan

May 2004, SBD

[edit] Kenya

July 2004, rural community development advisor

[edit] Malawi

April 2001, Forestry

[edit] Mali

October 2003, Small Enterprise Development Agent
April 1991, Agriculture

[edit] Moldova

August 2005, TEFL

[edit] Morocco

June 2000, Health

[edit] Mozambique

December 2003, Education

[edit] Namibia

January 1995, Education

[edit] Nepal

February 2002, ESL

[edit] Nicaragua

November 2003, Environmental Education Volunteer

[edit] Niger

October 1996, Community Development

[edit] Paraguay

August 2003, Municipal Services Development Consultant

[edit] Philippines

February 2003, CCIBA

[edit] Russia

August 2001, Education
November 1999, Business

[edit] Senegal

November 2004, Agroforestry Extensionist

[edit] Tanzania

October 1997, Education

[edit] Thailand

March 2003, Education
Template, Education

[edit] Uganda

November 2006, Health

[edit] Ukraine

December 2004, Education
May 2005, Youth Development

[edit] Vanuatu

December 2003, Education

[edit] Zimbabwe

December 1992, Ministry of Recreation, Sports and Culture
September 1992, Curator for the National Gallery of Zimbabwe

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