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David A. Mulholland

Passed away: 1962/05/22

Country Philippines
Started Service: 1962
Site(s) Ilog
Region(s) Negros Occidental
Assignment(s) Prim-Ed/Teach Trnwarning.png"Prim-Ed/Teach Trn" is not in the list of possible values (Agroforestry, Sustainable Agricultural Science, Farm Management and Agribusiness, Animal Husbandry, Municipal Development, Small Business Development, NGO Development, Urban and Regional Planning, Primary Teacher/Training, Secondary Teacher/Training, Math/Science Teacher/Training, Special Education/Training, Deaf/Education, Vocational Teacher/Training, University Teacher/Training, English Teacher/Training (TEFL), Environmental Education, National Park Management, Dry Land Natural Resource Conservation, Fisheries Fresh, Ecotourism Development, Coastal /Fisheries Resource Management, Public Health Education, AIDS Awareness, Information Technology, Skilled Trades, Water and Sanitation Resources Engineering, Housing Construction Development, Youth, Other) for this property.
Cause of death: Other
Volunteer's Homestate Massachusetts
Passed away while serving in: Philippines
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Passed away in: 1962/05/22
David Mulholland
From US State: Massachusetts
David Mulholland
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Source: FOIA request #10076 (June 2010)

David A. Mulholland On Saturday, June 9, Peace Corps Volunteer David Mulholland died of a liver ailment at Clark Air Force Base in Manila, the Philippines. David, 23, was from Quincy, Massachusetts. A 1961 graduate of Tufts University in Boston, anda former reporter on the Worcester (Mass.) Gazelle,he was one of the very first to apply for service in the Peace Corps. Since last fall, David was working as an elementary teacher's aide in Ilog, Negros Occidental, a small village some 350 miles from Manila. His work at the school was exemplary. He was loved by his students and he had already made an out-standing contribution to the community of ilog.When school closed in March for summer vacation, David and seventeen other Volunteers organized Camp Brotherhood, the first free camp for children in the Philippines. David helped raise the funds, obtain supplies, erect buildings and tents,and organize the various activities of the camp for the 600 Filipino boys who enrolled. The people of Negros Occidental, from the governor of the province to the poorest worker, had already ex-pressed their enthusiasm for the project. Sargent Shiver, in paying tribute to David said, "He reflected great credit upon himself, the Peace Corps, and the United States. His work in Ilog and at Camp Brotherhood exemplified the finest spirit of the Peace Corps and the American people."

The Volunteer July 1962 page 2 http://peacecorpsonline.org/historyofthepeacecorps/primarysources/19620701%20Volunteer_Jul.pdf

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