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Daniel Banks
Flag of Philippines.svg
Country Philippines
Years: 1998-2000
Group Code 251
Site(s) Hapao, Hungduan
Region(s) Ifugao
Program(s) Environment
Assignment(s) Protected Areas Managementwarning.png"Protected Areas Management" is not in the list of possible values (Agroforestry, Sustainable Agricultural Science, Farm Management and Agribusiness, Animal Husbandry, Municipal Development, Small Business Development, NGO Development, Urban and Regional Planning, Primary Teacher/Training, Secondary Teacher/Training, Math/Science Teacher/Training, Special Education/Training, Deaf/Education, Vocational Teacher/Training, University Teacher/Training, English Teacher/Training (TEFL), Environmental Education, National Park Management, Dry Land Natural Resource Conservation, Fisheries Fresh, Ecotourism Development, Coastal /Fisheries Resource Management, Public Health Education, AIDS Awareness, Information Technology, Skilled Trades, Water and Sanitation Resources Engineering, Housing Construction Development, Youth, Other) for this property.
Daniel Banks started in Philippines 1998
Daniel Banks, Eileen Chase, Vanessa Svihla
Region: Ifugao
Daniel Banks
Environment in Philippines:Environment.gif
Daniel Banks, Eileen Chase, James Cogswell, Nathan Epling, Michael A. Rice
Other Volunteers who served in Philippines
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Andy Andrews, William Baker, Daniel Banks, Bob Beckel, Robert Bock, Nancy Boyd, Carol Bradley Cukier, David Bragg, Sandra Brooks, Julia Campbell, Margaret Carmona, Eileen Chase, Linda Cleary, James Cogswell, Theodore Cooper … further results
Projects in Philippines
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Bantay Dagat Outpost, Bicol Region Camp GLOW, Education Materials for Special Needs Children, Helping Hands, On-site Skills Training Program, Re-Engineering SPED Programs Division Wide for Students with Disabilities, Strategies for Implementing Biosand Water Filter Projects Case Studies from the Philippines, Workstation Computer Lab
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I was assigned to the Municipality of Hungduan, Ifugao Rice Terraces World Heritage Site. I was a member of the Municipal Planning and Development Office. I was a teacher and taught Environmental Science to juniors and seniors at the Hungduan National High School. I researched and developed daily lesson plans, without the benefit of textbooks, to be given to large groups of students who spoke a language other than English. I researched and found grant money for 6 community projects. I supervised the completion of 6 community projects. I organized, developed, and lead 2 Environmental Day & Overnight Camps focusing on the diversity of the area and why it should be protected for over 100 local high school students. I was an active member of a community in a very remote village without supervision or other American contact for over 2 years. I learned and spoke the tribal language of Tuwali. I supervised the completion of 2 community toilets, 2 dumpsites, and 2 water storage systems. I created and oversaw a community based environmental committee which researched and applied for various grants in the country to help and finance environmental community projects that were needed.

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