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Cultural Club
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Project Type(s):

Region: Ashanti
Country: Ghana
Volunteer(s) Name: PCV Johnson
Year of project approval: 2009
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Info about the Cultural Club


[edit] Title

Cultural Club

[edit] Purpose and Approach

Goal Two of Peace Corps states:

To help promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of the peoples served.

The purpose of the Cultural Club is to approach Goal 2 from a global perspective. The Cultural Club consists of me giving an informal presentation about any country in the world that they vote on, except America or England. The presentation usually lasts about an hour predominantyly filled with me showing them pictures and videos of the focused country's cultural practices and rituals (like cuisine, clothing, ethnicities, dances, festivals and architecture). In addition, the only time the students hear my voice is when I am answering one of their many questions. Furthermore, I excluded America because it is not the most influential country in the world as many people believe it to be. It is, in fact, simply an amplifier of other countries' traditions.

[edit] Action Plan

  1. Have the kids vote on a country.
  2. Wikipedia and Wikitravel! It contains the most comprehensive information on all countries. I would gather and write the following facts/stats on the board:
    1. Date of creation/independence
    2. Population (and comparison to Ghana) List of country populations
    3. Land Size (and comparison to Ghana) List of country total areas
    4. Type of government and its head
    5. Capital city
    6. Religions (percentage)
    7. Local greetings
    8. Fun fact
  3. Next, I would google and search YouTube for pictures and videos for the following:
    1. Pictures of teh country's different ethnicities
    2. Picutres of the 3 largest cities or most significant places
    3. Pictures of cuisine and its ingredients
    4. Play cultural music as you show the pictures of places
    5. Videos and pictures of 3-4 distinctive traditions or festivals (5-10 minute long videos)(There is software that allows you to download YouTube videos.)
    6. UNICEF makes a series of books called Children Just Like Me.

For example, Spain's presentation included:

[edit] Budget

Internet fees.

[edit] PC Resources

Not applicable.

[edit] Project Reflection and Sustainability

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